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Meet The Team

Meet the Team

Teegan and Sarah dated and married during medical training at National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in Chicago, IL. They relocated to Sarah's hometown of Tallahassee, FL in summer of 2018 and founded North Florida Naturopathic.

As partners in life and medicine, they share a deep passion for helping the body heal through natural methods. 


Dr. Teegan Fiedler DC, ND

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NUHS) 2017

Doctor of Chiropractic (NUHS) 2015

BS in Biomedical Science (NUHS) 2012 

Dr. Sarah Fiedler AP, ND

Certificate of Chinese Herbal Studies (Academy for Five Element Acupuncture) 2021

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NUHS) 2017​

Master of Science in Acupuncture (NUHS) 2015

BA in Psychology (Furman University) 2011

About the Clinic: North Florida Naturopathic is the first clinic of its kind, serving North Florida and South Georgia. Established in 2018,
we offer a foundational approach to maintaining or regaining wellness.
Mission Statement: At North Florida Naturopathic, we offer every patient comprehensive and customized care. We empower and educate you with unique tools to create lasting health.
About the clinic


We are a self-pay clinic and are as transparent as possible with our pricing.

New Comprehensive Patient


Designed to provide comprehensive and personalized care. Includes a 60min first office visit and comprehensive health evaluation, as well as a 30min follow up visit within
1-2 weeks, to receive an individualized treatment plan. 

New Musculoskeletal Patient


This visit is for those suffering from back pain, acute injuries, or other physical ailments. The visit is 60min and includes a comprehensive history of the complaint, physical examination, and the first adjustment. 

New Acupuncture


A 90min visit for new patients who have a primary interest in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Includes history of complaint, physical exam and the first acupuncture session.

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About Fees: Unfortunately, we cannot accept insurance at North Florida Naturopathic at this time. A superbill will be provided (upon request) for personal filing with your insurance company. Full payment is due at time of service. Cash, checks & all debit/credit cards are accepted.


Health Savings Accounts/Flex cards through insurance will often cover chiropractic adjustments and supplements. However, insurance coverage varies so be sure to check with your insurance provider to determine individual coverage. Patients are responsible for any & all fees associated with treatments regardless of insurance coverage.



In order to provide the best care to ALL our patients, we ask that you give us 48hrs notice when canceling appointments (either by email or phone call/voicemail). If your request is not sent in a timely manner, we reserve the right to charge the full cost of the scheduled visit.

Loved the personal attention and quick responses from NFN! They are 100% focused on their patients, and listened so attentively to my health concerns and goals. A wonderful team to work with!


NFN is patient-centered functional medicine at its best. They take the time to find out exactly what the symptoms are and listen carefully. They help the body heal itself by educating the patient and helping them back to health in the most natural and fortifying way possible. NFN are compassionate, honest, knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend NFN!

Gaye Drew

Dr. Teegan and Sarah are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
I came into their office with lower back pain and possibly a bulging disk, so I was apprehensive about having an adjustment or treatment. Dr. Teegan was extremely gentle and after a few clicks from the activator I was able to stand up straight and 90% of my pain was gone when I left.



  • Do you take insurance?
    At North Florida Naturopathic we do not take insurance, though we can provide information for you to request a refund from your insurance provider. Payment is still expected at time of treatment.
  • Do you prescribe medications?
    No, we do not prescribe pharmaceuticals. We do prescribe herbal medicine, homeopathics, vitamins and minerals when indicated.
  • Can you order blood tests?
    Yes. We choose to run functional lab tests to complement what other standard labs may be performed by your primary care doctor. We may perform food sensitivity, micronutrient & salivary hormone testing. We also can assess iodine status via a 24 hour urinary excretion test.
  • Where are Naturopathic Doctors currently licensed and trained?
    Naturopathic doctors are currently licensed in 23 states, plus the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and 5 Canadian Provinces. In these states and provinces, naturopathic doctors are required to graduate from a four-year naturopathic medical school and pass an extensive postdoctoral board examination (NPLEX) in order to receive a license. There are five accredited naturopathic medical schools in the U.S., and two in Canada, with the number of graduates growing annually.
  • What is the difference between a naturopath, Naturopathic Doctor, Naturopathic Physician and NMD?"
    The term naturopath is unregulated and may be used by anyone promoting natural therapies with or without clinical education. A Naturopathic Doctor is an individual who has successfully graduated from one of the 6 accredited medical programs in North America and is eligible to sit for Naturopathic medical boards (NPLEX). A Naturopathic Physician is a Naturopathic Doctor who holds a license to practice medicine in one of the 23 licensed states. A Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) is a Naturopathic Physician practicing in Arizona. NMD is a unique identifier for NDs used in Arizona.
  • Can you be my primary care doctor?
    No, we are unable to be your sole primary care provider at this time. As mentioned in the previous question, Florida is not yet a licensed state for naturopathic doctors.
  • Why is the licensure of Naturopathic Doctors in Florida important?
    Licensure of naturopathic doctors in Florida would provide you with additional options to choose from for your health care provider. Licensure also ensures public safety as there are various online programs and uncertified individuals, who may claim the title of 'Naturopath' or ‘Naturopathic’, but have not graduated from an accredited medical school. If you want to help license naturopathic doctors, please visit and become a supporting member.

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4004 Norton Lane 
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Tallahassee, FL 32308

p. 850.583.0909

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