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Every cell in our body needs iodine. Iodine is unable to be created by the body and therefore must be obtained from food sources.
Image by Vedrana Filipović

Common indicators of insufficient iodine:

  - Breast disease

  - High blood pressure

  - Migraines

  - Ovarian disease

  - Prostate disorders

  - Thyroid disease


Halides such as bromide (found in pesticides), chloride and fluoride (found in toothpaste, medications, water) interfere with the utilization of iodine.

Iodine therapy* replenishes iodine stores in the body safely through:

  •  24hr at-home urine collection test

  •  Salt loading protocol

  •  Milligram (not microgram) doses of iodine + cofactors

*Not recommended unless under care & supervision of an iodine-literate practitioner.

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