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Dr. Teegan Fiedler DC, ND

I grew up in a northern Chicago suburb, the eldest of six kids of Dr. David and Kimberly Fiedler. In our home natural remedies were used as a first line of defense against illness, because my father is a chiropractor. Growing up in this environment inspired me to follow in my dad’s footsteps. 


When I began chiropractic training, I was exposed to other disciplines including Oriental, and Naturopathic medicine. I found the philosophy and training of naturopathic medicine aligned closely with my vision to bring preventive care to families. I decided to dual-enroll in the Chiropractic and Naturopathic educational programs.


Upon graduating, I worked at HealthFirst Chiropractic in Arlington Heights, IL. I have relocated to Tallahassee to bring innovative healthcare options to this region.


As an Eagle Scout, I seek to blaze new trails. Having studied and applied classic chiropractic wisdom, my treatment approach has evolved to integrate naturopathic philosophy. I specialize in Activator Method adjustments offered within the context of treating the whole person. 


I have pursued training in individualized nutrition, physical medicine, supplementation, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and hydrotherapy. I welcome all patients, and those suffering from back pain, fatigue, and digestive complaints are of special interest to me.


When I am not wearing my white coat, I love to swing dance, play pinball and board games, and explore new technology.

Dr. Sarah Fiedler AP, ND

The first-born of three daughters of Dr. Logan and Maryanne Brooks, I grew up in Tallahassee playing tennis and basketball. Even as a child, I had a desire to help those hurting, and began my undergraduate training in Pre-Med. However, after my first year at Furman University, a hormonal imbalance forced me to take a leave of absence.


During this time, I sought the care of experienced practitioners in multiple fields. Under Acupuncture Physician Min Tian, I found restored health. This novel experience impacted me greatly and caused me to reassess future training.


After earning my Psychology degree, I decided to pursue a doctorate degree in Naturopathic medicine from an accredited institution. I recognized that acupuncture was a powerful tool in my healing, and pursued a Master in Acupuncture simultaneously. 


During training, I completed an acupuncture internship and additional hours in the Pain Clinic at Cook County Hospital. After graduation, I treated patients with medical issues including addiction, infertility, weight management and depression at Health Up Wellness Center, a private practice. 


I have studied individualized nutrition, acupuncture, supplementation, homeopathy, Western and Chinese herbal medicine and hydrotherapy. I look forward to helping all our patients, especially those suffering from autoimmune conditions, thyroid disorders and women’s health complaints.


When I am not working with patients, you may find me practicing yoga, shopping at a thrift store or singing at the top of my lungs!

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