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Healthy Food

Individualized Diet

Diet is one of the most complex issues in our society today. Why is diet so complicated? Because people are complex. Our clinic takes the whole picture of health into consideration when recommending specific individualized dietary changes.

Some of the various ways we approach food are by considering:

Balance between plant and animal food groups

Blood Type/Ancestral diets

Immune reactivity

Inflammatory vs. Anti-Inflammatory foods

Metabolic factors (age, activity, etc...)

Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy

Organic Vegetables

Water is another essential part of our diet and pure water is hard to find these days. We recommend getting a high quality filter like a Berkey water filter. 

If you'd like to improve your water quality please check our Berkey using our affiliate link* so they know we sent you:

*Affiliate links provide some monetary compensation to North Florida Naturopathic, PLLC.

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