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Abstract Water


Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of hot and cold water.
At North Florida Naturopathic we perform a specific type called Constitutional Hydrotherapy.

Benefits of this therapy include:

Increased circulation
  - Reduces fluid build-up

  - Warms cold hands and feet

  - Improves energy
Balances nervous system
  - Calms the mind and emotions

  - Regulates the body's response to stress
Supports immune function
  - Helps you recover from sickness faster

  - Calms hyperactive immune response
Modulates blood pressure
  - Lowers high blood pressure

  - Raises low blood pressure

Hydrotherapy is an excellent treatment to receive for an acute illness or as part of a long-term preventative/wellness strategy. Treatments are an hour long and cost $65. Typically 4-6 sessions are recommended to see lasting results. 

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