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  • Sarah Fiedler

What the health?!

Who are you TRUSTING to educate you and your family about healthy food choices? Yesterday I watched the documentary “What the Health.” I snapped a quick photo of this showing the direct sponsorship of these Big Food tycoons to government organizations. Clearly, our government isn’t an unbiased source of health knowledge...

If you’ve already seen this film or choose to go watch it, here are some of my takeaways as a Naturopathic Doctor:

What I agree with 👍🏼 - Exposing the disgusting living conditions of CAFO/conventional agriculture for humans and animals alike - Revealing biased sponsorship of the ADA, American Cancer Society, Susan B. Komen, USDA - Educating on plant-based food sources with protein - Debunking the myth that to “bulk up” in the gym requires excessive meat intake - Discussing research on the casein protein found in HIGH amounts in cow dairy being linked to autoimmune diseases especially Type 1 diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis as well as breast cancer

What was lacking 👎🏼 - Equating a diet high in fresh vegetable consumption to be only a purely vegan diet - In no way accounting for a diet being tailored toward the individual based on biologically different factors such as age, stomach acid, blood type, activity levels etc. - Evidence linking meat consumption to development of diabetes and denying any role of sugar intake in the diet - Not discussing the importance of ORGANIC fruit and vegetables and the chemical exposures of conventional growing! - No intellectual discussion of where to get Vitamin B12 from food sources and the importance of this nutrient for neurologic health - Blaming meat as a whole not differentiating between CAFO/conventionally produced meat (highly inflammatory) versus that of grass-fed meat or wild caught fish (ANTI-inflammatory)

So if you give this film a watch and feel more confused than ever about what to eat and why... please consider consulting a Naturopathic Doctor! No one diet will ever be right for all. As NDs we use your lab work, symptoms, lifestyle and more to assess what you need in the short AND long-term .

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