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  • Sarah Fiedler

Ingredients please?

Let’s get back to INGREDIENTS. So many of us have been conditioned to ask what’s the calorie count? How much protein? Sodium? These are not bad questions; however, the nutrition label cannot be all you assess!

So many “low calorie” options are chalk full of chemical crap!

If you’re looking to make a health change today that can have lasting positive effects, I challenge you to train yourself (and your family) to read the ingredients of your food BEFORE you purchase or eat it.

I think you’ll find that rather than saying to yourself “I can’t have that,” you’ll find yourself saying instead, “I don’t want to eat that!”

In the example above, the first ingredient is enriched wheat flour with potassium bromate (a potent pesticide that interferes with thyroid function). Then you have vegetable oils like soybean and cottonseed which are inflammatory AND genetically modified wreaking havoc on your health. Artificial flavor and preservatives to top it off. YUCK. This is being marketed as a croissant, but to your body it is not. #knowledgeispower

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